7 Steps to Small Business Marketing Success

Grow your business sustainably when you start using our proven framework

Most business owners think they have to have more resources, more money, and more free time if they want to scale their practice. So they end up spreading themselves way too thin, bending over backwards trying to retain clients, and struggling to land grow.

If you want to grow your business, it doesn’t have to be that hard. And you can do it without chasing the tactic of the week —if you have the right systems in place. We’ve distilled over three decades of work into this framework to help people like you grow your business.

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In this 7 step guide, you’ll learn exactly how to:

Improve Strategy

Develop a strategy that will allow you stand out in a crowd

Google Integration

Make Google your new best friend and get free traffic

Increase Service Level

Attract ideal customers willing to pay a premium for your services

Increase Profit

Install a system that gets results year over year

What others are saying about this guide

“Even though I’m experienced in many aspects of marketing, the Duct Tape Marketing approach has me re-thinking and systematizing my complete business.”

~ Myrna Schommer, Artesa Marketing

“Duct Tape Marketing is a brilliantly practical method of marketing that puts strategy before tactics.”

~ James Bosma, Lift Communications

We take your privacy seriously. No Spam. Read our privacy policy here

About the author of this guide

John Jantsch

Founder of Duct Tape Marketing

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